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After the great boating accident of 1972, my friend  Therissa and her husband, John, moved out to a little farm in Indiana to escape from city life, and to prevent their identities from being revealed. It was an unpleasent  way to say goodbye, especially because they had managed to rid themselves of phone numbers, social security numbers, birth sertificates, and family history. I, on the other hand, grudgingly moved back to live with my mother, who had heard all about my misadventures with the government. She was the type of woman who would posses an AK-47 and not be afraid to use it; especially on her loved ones.

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A.A. Milne- a thought


How influential A.A.Milne has been-

I think what he’s done- it goes unseen!

But truth be told, in truth conveyed,

the only truth was what he said.

And I myself, have read them by,

and by so when, I was a child.

I listened to them on a tape

(which, sorrowfully, I had misplaced).

But memory, it serves me well,

of all the poems I could tell.

I’d memorized them- every one

(well not each page, but half as done).

And when I do, it makes me smile,

that when I’m sleeping all the while,

those places come to my minds eye,

lie twitching in their idle sky.

I feel the lapping waves and sand,

I feel the sixpence in my hand,

I smell the air, the salty seas,

and what a little child I’d be……

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