A.A. Milne- a thought


How influential A.A.Milne has been-

I think what he’s done- it goes unseen!

But truth be told, in truth conveyed,

the only truth was what he said.

And I myself, have read them by,

and by so when, I was a child.

I listened to them on a tape

(which, sorrowfully, I had misplaced).

But memory, it serves me well,

of all the poems I could tell.

I’d memorized them- every one

(well not each page, but half as done).

And when I do, it makes me smile,

that when I’m sleeping all the while,

those places come to my minds eye,

lie twitching in their idle sky.

I feel the lapping waves and sand,

I feel the sixpence in my hand,

I smell the air, the salty seas,

and what a little child I’d be……

Copyright 2012 by Golden Star Poetry


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