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The Sonnet project: Sonnet #1


Another poem written during the boredom of English class (whilst we read “shall I compare thee to a summers day yet another time)

Sonnet #1

My life becomes a string of changing lights

Inside my house the candle’s endless drip

That keeps me up throughout the breezy nights

And out my door the lake with port and ship

My sight is strewn to look about and wait

To hear the horn of welcome vessle come

And park itself outside the iron gate

With whistle blow and enjine stop it’s hum

My coverlets that tousle I bemoan

And through the wake of autumn’s slow decline

The firs that hoard the needles that they own

The oaks that mourn the loss of greener vine

They don’t become acquainted with the morn

Of noises fallen through the days reborn


Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry


Hello all blogging friends:

In the weeks that follow, I have decided to start a little assignment for myself, based upon my intense love for rhyme, rhythm, and structure in poetry! Thus, it will be called “the sonnet project”, and new sonnets (or the occasional other sort of metered poem) will be posted regularly. I hope it gives you as much pleasure to read as it is for me to write!

your dear friend,

-Golden Star Poetry

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