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Stream of Conciousness


As an apple-


I don’t know which of you is orange

or just simply the word


like today mother wants me to bind her twelve books, but I said “no, mother, you do it yourself” and she shooed me away to the corner and

left me overnight I was still raw when I came out i held an apple balanced on my finger she says look sunny when do you come out? i said look, ma, when will you let me out, I’ve been savin this apple for you all night long and

I thought It was so sweet, but i saved it for you i saved itforyou

listen, orange, my pal Gregory and my pal Adam are both oranges and i am not human and i have no mother and i cannot balance other oranges on my fingertips all night long.

x   x x   xx x   x   x   x x x   x x    x x x  x   x x x

hey listen one night the light of the evening fell onto the orange light of the morning and i said to myself in a whisper when do you tell them when do you let them know? my mind sinks back to your embrace i feel your hands on my face you said the world is held on my fingertips and i cant sustain this i cant sutustain this life of ambiguity you agree? slowly i wonder why we are held in an embrace i wonder if he had thought of it before i came, and when this world cant sustain me or him or anyone, really, but who knows? the apple an i share something more than he does maybe i can put him on the grass instead of eating him.

xx x x   x x  x x x x x x x  x x x   x x x x    x x x

maybe tomorrow,

she says

and that will be the end of our conversation

does  she  want a partition or a divide or a dam built on the side of her house?

but no she says she wants his black eyes his black hair his voice

she wants to know him but not know him   since she already doesn’t  know

him but she likes to pretend that he is smart and talks about

things like sociology or Camelot or agriculture but the only

thing that comes out of  his mouth is

its a dog

i believe you have shown a trigonometry

what  it was a cylindrical?

take this to a barber shop

she smiles

she slaps herself

she regains her  composure

she does not  let herself love him

she gets near to it several times

but she does not let herself love him

until she gives up on herself

and realizes  the utter waste

this has been on her time.

 Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry