Daily Archives: February 16, 2013

Stream of Consciousness #2


this boat breaks my heart every time I see it

you see it, right?

I am going blind, you say, i am going blind too, I say, this has to be a dream we both whisper, our mouths don’t even touch the roofs of our palates, we just lie there, limp, hanging,

you took an Advil as if that would help, we lay on the couch, our sight was gently diminishing. our eyes held steady for one more moment, then we were officially blind, i say,you know, deal with life-make it pretty, and you say i don’t know what that means sister i don’t know what that means

like only our mothers would tell us, like only our cousin from Barcelona  the third cousin you like. you said he asked you to come visit the flowers there once and you said you had no money and he said that he would give you money and

we stood on the stoop of his house like idiots you remember,

they were both alike,

they both came from Barcelona  they both had tongs for hearts, they both had eyes for glasses and trucks for goons. left handed, they were both left handed  there were two cousins and they looked alike and we both wanted to marry them and you said-

the artist was one

the painter was one

the writer was one

the poet was one

they both carried their brushes to their hearts

and their pens to their hearts

and they swore allegiance to us with the points of their spears

and they knighted us :WOMAN.

we were to stay inside now, not to watch the children play, not to watch the days go by, not to feel the sun creep over the sky, not to say hello or goodbye  not to feel like I might die like i might fade away seeing that my sight is gone now

we are one little sisterhood, two brothers marry two sisters what a nice pair what a nice pair what a nice pair they all say, they all say they see the picket fence and think that all is okay in Barcelona

in wherever you are, wherever you carry your hearts or wherever you fools are.

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry