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As the Blade Touches the Throught


I was inspired to write this whilst standing outside on my balcony to get some sun. There was wind blowing and the sun was warm and it was absolutely magnificent! Although the poem may seem gruesome a bit, it carries other deep  meanings of which I hope you can find. It is mainly a counter play on the story of King Saul and David.

As the Blade Touches the Throught

Left and right

this army of heaven goes

and past one star

their battlescene can reminice

a gnarled allegience

to no one in particular.

Their swords flash over my head

and as their clink echoes, my

blood turns into water.

My mind can take no more orders

that were lured into my dreams

and made me think of

the hypnotized me,

from a glance our swords kick upward

but on a closer examination

they have not been moving at all.

You told our soldior freinds

that a locket

kept a man hidden from his own destiny

and that the secret he kept

would never rub off.

You told me

that in all your life

you never kept your eyes away

from your own faults

and that the faults of the universe

could all somehow be your own.

Our eyes meet with such a vengance

that I wonder what to do next.

Our swords fling

but I am too quick to answer


you inquire,

as the blade touches the through,

faults sliping out;

and your last breath:

endlessly the clay puppets dance

on the clay tiles

of the stone turrets

all the people thought that the madmen

escaped again.

I knew that the madmen escaped again. But maybe it was a 

trick of light?

These faults you had

but did not know

they wandered for you

and drank from the same cups

and loiterd our streets

and sang.

They, too, were these madmen the

judges speak of, they say,

when the woman will all dance

at the victories of David.

Copyright 2013 Golden star Poetry