The Sonnet Project: Sonnet #7


Another product of English class boredom! Took about ten minutes to write. P.S the word dreamed is pronounced dree-med.

Sonnet #7

In farms that line the dirty miners shed

That boasts of Dragons slayed outside it’s wall

Of tales so fanciful they’re mass did spread

I walk, bereft of shoes, through trees so tall

Collecting little stones to hit the beast

That in my childhood’s dreamed mind did know

I fell asleep and ate a banquet feast

Then journeyed on again to fight this foe.

His massive claws that tore apart the earth,

I see the scales that line his rigid back,

But suddenly I find the creature’s worth

That ‘gainst the green of grass his form did lack.

A veil of shimmer melts away his former wild,

And lo, my brother lost from former child.

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry

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