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Stream of consciousness #4


I just love these….

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Stream of Consciousness #4

love was carried around in a four sided box

not minding his perception of love

he took it away, enter in his own real heart. I liked his arm strokes, the brush strokes on an empty canvas, and what

was left of his armpits like a foul chicken coop i lay a nest

If this was heaven, I’d say

it’d stink

and boy

the land was overflowing with chicken farms

walnut was one, the one inside of California where you dug very very deep into a Forrest to find a

cement and stone garage

littered with vines and trees. you’d stop to wonder, and then you would wonder why you were even there and realize you’d better be heading back.

xxxxxxxx xx x x x x x x x x x x x x

like a stone-henged mother, grandma lays on her back, sipping down ice tea like she could have just won the lottery or a million bucks just like it and other little things. I left her that summer, just becuase I felt like it. nothing special. like one time this man helped my mother my Grandad put a garage into the old stone fireplace and he nodded and lifted his head, not even stopping to notice when I held out a dollar bill that looked like a million others like it he just said i dont take paper money, your godamned money. but he didnt say that.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

why be christian? she asked

she didn’t ask it

it was more of a reprieve from her gory-er thoughts. they swirled around her in a daze

and she could not keep up with this maze

of inferiority

of a mismatched sock pair that she discarded

she prided being a Jew.

In her own skin she lifted back, it was her that shown through the skin

she had wonders in her mind she knew not what lied within.

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