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Old English-esque poem


Wrote this yesterday. note the extra “E’s” at the end! looks kinda Germanic  which is technically what old English is.

Old English-esque poem

Inneth they come, through the shippes sail

Unfurling curl the waves a


for too long curl the hande

of gott

as we shall pass

I crowne with joy longe laste

Then comme the light of the gott-spake lamp,

we finde the maste


the waves unfurling curl

and stoppe in theyre trakkes

so far and faste the cry behestte to make a sleep.

Be still, friend of mein,

lie fastley in the greave

for in the darkest hour

finde light of daye.

Copyright Golden Star Poetry


Shine On Award Nominations



I have now (FINALLY!) chosen who I would pick for the shine on award, in random order: (ps. I cant work the links- I may have them written wrong, super sorry to all those who I nominated!)

http//:shirolamot.wordpress.com– a profound thinker with witty and insightful visions of the modern age, also a brilliant poet and photographer.

http//:360tree.wordpress.com– a photographer who’s unique, painterly style is accompanied by beautiful, imagery-related words that expand the reader’s understanding of the work.

http//:findingthepeaceinsideme.wordpress.com– a sixteen year old christian girl whose writings about her daily life and spirituality truly uplift and inspire!

http//:thenatureview.wordpress.com-a blog dedicated to showcasing the wonders of the natural world, through vivid descriptions of weather and stunning photographs.

http//:nightanddaypoetry.wordpress.com-a poetess whose profoundly distinct writing makes you stop, stare, and say “wow”.

http//sashabrown.net -an author that digs deep into a sea of words, and emerges carrying complex philosophy, moving poetry, and gleaming buckets of metaphorical gold.

http://thunderandtea.wordpress.com– An author who’s page-turning, in-depth storytelling proves to be one of the best.

http//:serialoutlet.wordpress.com– another great wordpress author-you should definately read this stuff!