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Sonnet #8 revision, and a silly limerick poem!


Today I was very perturbed when I realized that my sonnet was not a real sonnet because it did not  have a couplet at the end!!!!!!

Therefore I have decided to finish it properly, like any good Samaritan would:

Sonnet #8 REVISED

I run into a land that speaks of youth

that stirs with fire rage and gypsy band

and when at last at home I tell the truth

I feel a stranger but on my own land.

The flock of birds won’t stop to listen in

as I recount the days events alone

I find a loss of words as I begin

explaining all the joy of gypsy tone.

The lute is calling forth my destiny

The lyre is drifting in my spirit sleep

The tambourine has lulabied my infancy

And quieted my babe’s young urge to weep.

It seems as if I have grown up none so

from childish self that never lets me go.



and on that note, here is today’s poem: It is a silly poem made out of four limericks, and is not intended to make any sense!

Dead, Dying, Deceased and gone off- or how I spent My summer in Jamaca

now the quotient of dumb versus blind

Is the same as “no child left behind”

All my teachers are dead

Or they’re gone to be wed

at the fanciest church they could find


And the sum of bengal and a bog

Is as bad as a Londoner’s fog

the pedestrians died

from a bi fractured side

when the driver was being a hog


And so now we have multiple ends

of these  teacher-pedestrian’s friends

who have gone to the grave

and who haven’t been saved

or I think-I don’t mean to offend.


One last word just before I shall go

(for those people who don’t really know)

I am writing this thing

at the top of a swing

And I’m thinking of things I can throw!

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry