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I just found out I have 50 followers on this blog! I can’t believe it! I will honorarily thank

“Words of Birds” as my first follower and “Whorlstrom Poetry” as my 50th follower

one poem for each follower:

words of birds

in misty summer it happened

on the lamp post

on a lazy afternoon.

she thought she could hear

the words of birds just outside,

but the screen porch clink had left them


Away, to fly,they said

and suddenly- she heard her love, disguised as a bird

in misty summer it happened.

Whorlstrom poetry

whorsltrom, the child was saying

the monster and the Bedouin

and the goat and the sheared ox

and the levy crossway park

and the highway ark

are like something out of a novel,

(and then the child knew

before he knew)

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry