Book Review: Between the Lines


I just waltzed in through the school library today when I had nothing else to do, saw a title that caught my eye, and was very pleased to see that it sounded like an actual STORY (every other teen fiction novel reads like a garbled blur-I CANT PICTURE ANYTHING IN MY MIND WHEN I READ THEM and have therefore  STOPPED READING COMPLETELY!!-or-for the most part)! It is a bi-author collaboration, written by both Jodi Picoult, and her daughter, Samantha Van-Leer. I haven’t read that far it yet because I just checked it out. Apparently, one of my friends in school said she was fighting with another one of my friends over the book last week! I am really to lazy to write down a synopsis, but I’m sure all you adoring fans of mine will be willing to open up another tab and search it yourself.


I feel like I just reunited with a long-lost friend! 🙂

so yeah.

Have a great Passover (and don’t get constipated from all the matza!!).

Your happy reader,

–Golden Star Poetry

between the lines review

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