Daily Archives: April 8, 2013

void of inspiration


having some minor writer’s block. hope you enjoy this semi-interesting attempt at a play script…
And its pretty unoriginal, but who cares?

a typewriter shop storefront.

Enter LORAINE, a short petite girl, who is a studious college student , wearing glasses, collard shirt, and a plaid skirt. LORAINE looks at the sign that says “hours of operation”. Enter WALLACE, a scruffy man in his mid- forties with a belly, a beard , and a good sense of humor.

LORAINE: huh. the store hours are eight to seven. Wait, they close at SEVEN?

WALLACE: it’s just a typewriter store, and nobody buys them. you’re going to be the first customer they’ve had in ages. I’m sure it won’t take you all day to find the one. I mean, it’s only mid afternoon….

LORAINE:but I have to speak to the manager for a few hours! I’m working on something called “save the store” and it’s going to be a research paper about dying businesses in the larger Detroit area!

WALLACE: listen, doll, ALL the businesses in Detroit are dying businesses!

LORAINE: but I have to write my term paper on something!

WALLACE: write about me. I’m a dying man.

LORAINE: no, just a lonesome one. And I’m not making a novel, just trying to live through college. Hold this (hands him her sweater).

WALLACE: Listen Loraine, you have enough experience already. Just write about something more interesting. There is plenty to write about, believe me!

LORAINE: I can use you for inspiration, maybe…


LORAINE: well, huh, let’s see…bingo! I can write about the impact that computers have on the tissue that covers the retina of our eyes!

WALLACE: and you came up with this just from looking at me.

LORAINE: if it worked last time, why shouldn’t it work this time?

WALLACE: that’s true. I have saved your butt quite a few times, now that I think about it….

LORAINE: well there. ya see?

WALLACE: huh. yeah….you know you’re dress is just fantastic?

LORAINE: oh, lay off!

WALLACE: (smiles) whatever you say, Loraine, whatever you say.

LORAINE starts to walk off stage right.

LORAINE: I’l have to meet you again next time, maybe soon…

WALLACE: fine, just do me a favor. next time, no typewriter stores, okay?

LORAINE: fine.

LORAINE exits stage right .WALLACE exits stage left. He turns around and waves her sweater in the air.


WALLACE looks down at the sweater, sighs and exits stage left.