Daily Archives: April 12, 2013

The Gobi Desert Cycle-EYES



I long to lunge inside them

pierced with-what? how to say? an unnoticed sort of intensity

as if the reader had known nothing of their raw value

I long to lunge inside them

his lashes are fanned sticks opening up a glass world,

a curtain holding up a stage, looking in.

I want to hide inside them

Every day, the roundness of them pulls me closer, then tosses me back

In the end, he finds me sighing when I least expect it, and then i shiver audibly.

I want to hide inside them

even then, I still feel a sort of emptiness. he does not want me. probably he is thinking,

“I know, barely, I know you are out there somewhere ,I think”

(darling, if we walk by red storms, then maybe you will see me, and we can face them together).

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