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Rules of the Universe (or- Facts About the World)


Rules of the Universe (or- Facts About the World)

1. socks should not feel like they belong to one foot or another

2. memories must be kept well hidden.

3. a few bullets can get you anything

4. (so can a piece of gold)

5. If you take a look at God’s good side and God’s bad side, they will eventually melt together and you will see that they are exactly the same thing

6. peaches on a hot summer day will mend a broken heart

7. nobody ever listened to anybody unless you first say hello and give someone a little smile

8. Ink written “to-do’s” are the best way to remeber things

9. The ‘you are beautiful” propaganda is there to keep the population from aspiring to be better.

10. Ice cream will, inevitably, melt.

11. Annoying cliche’s will come in handy at the most bizarre and unhelpful moments

12. I’m sure I love you more than you can imagine, even If your brain is pretty limited.

13. scissors must always be able to cut at any angle

14. children must whisper their secrets

15. Notes and letters should be written, not typed.

16. youtube comments must be grammatically correct

17. (and free of any gross language and or profane sentences)

tree 1

18. A penny dropped into a fountain will make a wish come true

19. I Love you because I can see the reflection of the world on your pupils





20. I love you even though I’ve forgotten what I’ve said before

my rules are yours and the gods’ now, the hearts and their hands are printed on the walls

now yours are tucked inside the corner

secretly hoping to be opened, to be noticed

in this abandoned tree house you never did bulid yourself,

surrounded by a grove of trees and grass

I said you

never saw the sky

so blue

so blue

so blue.

Copyright 2013 Golden star Poetry