Linking Arms


Linking Arms

My dreaming self is a better poet,

but I forget the words. Now,

I’m dreaming about

two people




in love.


stay there,

don’t breathe.

We have children’s things to do,

mischief to make,

houses to run in,

places to deface,

always running and running

and running

and finding the ghosts in our dreams

that just edge closer

the more that we tug at the strings.

In a dreamworld

really lovers by nine,

and we we had grown up

transfixed between kissing and playing on tomato vines.

If only we could have had another hour of this paradise

and know if it was really paradise.

now really lovers at twelve

stopping by the ice cream stand

to breathe in the salty air

of a make believe sea.

Finally twenty

you lock arms

with the sun

and the new sun

and the new sun

and the new sun

all over again:

will you be-

and always be-


Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry


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