Daily Archives: August 2, 2013

In Side/Out of Side


I’m reading harry potter right now (NO SPOILERS!!!). Enough said. Not my usual style, yeah…guess you could say…

In Side/ Out of Side

You try being the hero

you try being the saint

you try feeling the burning

that further shows your taint.

the times have reached an endpoint

and conversation’s slow

and wind blows through the summertimes

that I will never know.

So take this piece of body

and feed it to the sun

and don’t forget to put me back

so I won’t be undone,

for the hero keeps on living

But I never see the saint

the burning keeps on showing up

And I still can feel the taint.

It’s just that-

I’m further trapped

on  the inside of you,

inside of you,

inside of me.

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry