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Tony vents about his sisiter-Monologue


Tony vents about his Sister-Monologue

There was a fine line between her space and mine in that Apartment. Like, It was always really crowded and we got caught up in our own space sometimes, like she would open the door and it would almost swing in my face. One time I got a nosebleed. She didn’t even bother to say she was sorry. Well, last night I went by the park and I just sat there, and thought. About living like that. I share everything with her, almost. Well, not a toothbrush. Anyway, I’ve just come to the sad conclusion that I hate her, just about as much as I hate my dad. I don’t care if  she’s my sister!  I can just pack up and steal away in a U-haul in the middle of the night and make it look like nothing’s happened for all I care. All I want to do is camp out at the library, work on my thesis, eat junk food and sleep. And Last Friday. Last Friday was the worst day of my life. Bea told me she was going to psychotherapy and that dad isn’t paying, so we’re gonna have to buckle down and find some way to get the money, which, by the way, is 4,500 dollars for all the sessions. I just ended up screaming at her for an hour, saying that it was her fault for screwing up our life and spending all that money on all that useless sh** and thinking she could get away with it all these years. I mean, she made so many stupid excuses. And I tried to make her do the right thing, but she ignored me. And then dad looked down at me like it was my fault, like I wasn’t the one looking out for her, said I’d have to live with her and pay for everything. I mean, what was my family doing to get us so messed up like this? Not once did my dad Look at Beatrice and say- Bea, you just made the biggest mistake of you’re life. No you go on and fix it.

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