Daily Archives: February 9, 2014



she knows she is a secret

and the many worlds that hide her remain silent

she is the unawares,

the tracked divine

I am yours and you are mine

and you with your little

unabashed talks

the ways you talk to me

is unnerving

the only thing I regret is not saying



x x x x x 

I am shouting that the only thing in this World that I have left

is the thing that I wish I couldn’t lose.

but you are one hot mess,

and besides you are less

than what I had hoped for

in a boy.

your chest is just a rock

of breast

and the lakes swim by our heads saying

his heart has always been dead.

escape while you can

while you are still alive.

go on girl,

you can swim with the tide.

go on,

go on,

you’re still alive.


sing the song,

and be alive.

his hands know nothing

he seems vaguely sad

but how could you tell

on that misplaced expression?

you want to lie with me

on fine stemmed grass





a trip to the otherworld

would tell me that

your eyes are vacant

because they see everything

and i would be a surprise,

because mine

do not.

Copyright 2014 Golden Star Poetry