Stream of consciousness #15


stop now baby
and a light’s not on in the cittadel
we can keep our arms entangled if we stop
and breathe
lost lights
and embers
filtering through
the darkness of the lost
and we pretended it was all
for naught
of the french and folly of friends
we could forever be ascending
into the makeshift trees
am just a lollipop
you can
be a stranger and still love me
because I do
love everyone except the few
I am so open that
maybe in three months I won’t have the money to do
love love in a scene of a movie
love in the scene of a movie
traumatized legs moving
through a waterway
the waterway
and a beautiful mess was I was I
a beautiful mess was I.

x x x x x x

no stop way can deceive me
I’m cunning, yes I’m cunning
and a stunning young genius am I
I long for the day when the winterway
will echo a strange ever trance
and watch as I move to the dance
the road way is jammed and my hand
is tropical
la Traviata l’amore
stupid inflections of speech
and beer dropping out of reach
smashing onto the floor
creaking up the ash door
feigning exaustion,
tied to the motherload
and screaming about
the water.

Copyright 2014 Golden Star Poetry


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