Daily Archives: January 1, 2015

Train Paradox



Oh I don’t care if i get caught
running down the train station
as my heels fall off mid sprint
(ill pick it up again
in the hour)

oh i don’t care if i get caught
saying things I shouldn’t get caught saying
I love your eyes I’m crazy!
i have a sort of daydream I’m nuts!!

you really gonna catch me in?
you really gonna
call it a sin ?


“i will say the only words I know
that only you will understand”

I say words, I know only you
say words, I know only you
words? I know only you
know only you
only you


as I witnessed the
golden, double sided sunrise
of the raised corners of your auric mouth
you’d say,

“oh that explains
the long hours you took by the train
sulking in a book,
keeping a page reserved for my face
like an artist’s trace,
making me special in an instant.
how pretty”

but you weren’t impressed
and I wasn’t pretty.

I saw your train leave
at the same time as mine arrived
and I was suffocated with
our near perfect syncrinicity
yet struggled to touch
the right words
or your hands
too small to close the gap
forever trapped
in an unresolved infinity

Copyright 2015 Golden Star Poetry