Daily Archives: January 17, 2015

Mind to Mind, Eye to Eye


mind to mind, eye to eye
whats the difference nowadays?

he took her to see the buildings
he took her to see the farmlands
he led her across the library
he took her to see a lecture
he took her to survey the wildlife
he took her to see the hubble

mind to mind, eye to eye
we saw everything the same way!
same glasses, same books,
we had a share of cocky looks we had a
basement full of words we had a
chock full of absurds
we were
just barely skimming the surface (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

you really think you have the authority to guess my age, to get in a rage, over what is right and what is wrong and who goes where

I told him I was small, I told him that the linguistics made it impossible to soften the blow, but the old age was going to show if i didn’t make the right impression, and i was down on my luck that day. i told him that we would always see mind to mind, eye to eye, I told him love at first sight was impossible he said statistically that’s correct and so we had fun and it was goodbye

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