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Confession No. 1



i have thought about

simply becoming an echo

destined to repeat all of your words

my lips as the syllables

clinging to you, as i might.

last night you held me (inadvertantly)

like i was a celesial sparrow, a mine of herkimer diamonds

which made my ceaseless fluttering stop

my heart shoot out of my chest, weeping, thudding,

clapping out of my chest in a lightning struck storm

could i dare to coo, could i dare to sigh (?)–

last night i became lost in your


and in the way i wanted to cling to your limitless lips

but didn’t tell you that i wasn’t nearly dying

or that i was dreaming of you


my handkerchief was stained, after seeing your face

with the faint sweet breath of

eloquence, the absence of your touch,

alleviating my unconscious contraction,

my deft loss of trust.

i wished i could have asked you

if i might meet you here someday

and if i will be strong enough,

or if i will have already been taken in,

limping, in some stranger’s arms,

being guided slowly to an alien bed, a bed made only of doubts?

or will i simply learn to hate,

as i bet, biting the bullets,

sleeping through the tough burlap winters of overflowing lamentation?

Copyright 2015, Golden Star Poetry




as I poured tea the glass one drip after another

I (drip):

thinking about last night’s thoughts

and did I really want to slip out of the car

onto the street or was that just be me being irrational


wondering how I’m going to keep A façade up

wondering how long before I can get another pet

if they’ll treat me nicely as a grandma in the future

if maybe I was wrong about living on my own


I’m calling bets on who is the most

handsome person in the room and

should I keep staring


or was I still confirming or denying

my intuition, was life imitating

art or was art imitating life?

Copyright 2015 Golden Star Poetry