Monthly Archives: May 2015

A Schoolday, A Doublecrossing


This is a new style and I like it. lots of alliteration and new images. It’s about everyday observations mixed in with the imagery of someone betraying my trust. Hope y’all enjoy.

I saw two girls giving each other rings,
I saw two eyes in the knots of the trees.
The girl was a piece of amber catching the light
I saw them as changelings, exchanging their vows
As one girl was putting her sleeve to her mouth.
I saw my nature in the nature in the city
Through hazy film, the bus window’s violet
I was insulated, enshrouded, enclosing in silence.
A smiling boy is making quickchanges of personality
I thought I knew him as a moth feather’s son, elegant when still,
But when flapping, fleeting, turned seething teeth of Mercury
I’ve heard his eyes speak lies in a bluegreen seeing sea
That turned, his hair is streaming with saltwater
And his tongues evocative of subtle reeking enmity
In fabricated forests, in a sewn-together grove
His mind’s a flurried fire, an escalated changing face
And I’m not questioning, not accepting, where he’s gone in the snow.

Copyright 2015 Golden Star Poetry