Daily Archives: July 20, 2015

I Thought; Denied Access


i thought he was going to turn up
i thought he was going to be the type of guy to take you out on long drives, in any weather
make jokes about his soon-to-be receding hairline

i thought he was supposed to be the type that sat down by the fireplace
reading stories, face animated, wild gestures,
and a camp range, foraging for firewood, while rainstorms; holding, closing,
we’d be better soaking or dry

looking at the midlands, and the mindless meandering birds
i thought–
hadn’t it always been this picturesque?

on the mountain, near taking clumsy photographs and quiet confidences,
letting ourselves be too green to ever be dark
i thought i wasn’t built to be denied by my imagination, or whatever else it had in store,
now im doing it unconsciously;

i saw an orthodox man in his starched shirt, his long white beard and black sleeves.
he’s really a well built black man with a week’s worth of scruff on his chin.

i see a young blond haired man riding his bike, smiling,
he’s really an older, more dour man with a mustache, and he isn’t happy.

(i thought he was really the type of guy
i thought he was really my type of guy.)

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