Figment Angel or My True Protector? 


you said
be a child

so i was a child for you

and in the end that’s all i could ever be for you
at least, i thought so in my mind
for like myself and yourself,

you were the ideal angel but
not in the right light or the right moment
and everything else seemed to be wrong

with your wingedness
why, when even hello from you was

and to fly, to be so gone, so gone (!)
“even the sight of your torn red sweater”
was enough to lead me fly up, to be so far gone (!)

even as all i cried, and could not tell you my story
of how all this need came to be, you stayed
a patient waiting
(at least, bitter, i said, i thought it so in my mind)

and in the morning all was dew fresh, and my mind
as tho visited by ghost or remnant,
washed clean, fitted to me and handed pressed sheets

and i was fine
though i was not fine
though i was not, not fine,

tho the sight of you made for trembbling,
even 2 thousand miles away away
even 2 thousand miles away

Copyright 2015 Golden Star Poetry 


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