Daily Archives: August 2, 2015

On Searching Thru the Maps Trying to Find You Again



mostly it was myself under the
7/11 gas station street curbs wishing for
cultivated gentlemen types to
tap their canes against their top hats and
nod at me politely,
because they all had a poet stuck inside them
that i could always see
like paper thin bones sticking out beautifully.

i noticed how easily i could replace a person in my mind
simply by leaving them behind me
every new eye was a sigh of tangible relief
an unsure, changeable reality:

just turning around, i was housed in the irises i clung to,
and it was like balancing, scary
to make the world spin around, dazed and reeling,

i was struck dumb with each passing face
each never-seen-again poet laureate with his
words and his
speechless touching,
and his eyes
hiding under ten layers of coal and ash,
or beneath the swift transit of railway trains
or tucked inside the misinformed chit chat that graces the lips:


i met u one day
on the tram
as we flew past the streets
at an alarming rate:

too fast, too soon
how quick i could fall in

how i could nestle into u
as i met u

we could float out from the tram window
into the air
where the quiet from your eyes
met the quiet of it there:

(i was never looked at
like that before,
and the stillness was a new kind of stillness:

your holy eyes were a replacement
as i thought they would be

but what could i achieve
by just leaving u alone,

without me?

Copyright 2015 Golden Star Poetry