Daily Archives: August 27, 2015

Gleaming September


Having an AP English class changes your vocabulary a lot so this is yet again another style. It sounds all fancy-like.

gleaming September
in her crisp linen dress
was the mesmerizing angel
I longed to posses

she tugged at my sweater with a smile
and she stayed for a while
while my guile was untied
in the church spire of her mind

we met singing hymns
in the hall of the Carolingian kings
for sweet September’s breath
has breathed me in:

she is presumed to be royalty
or a guest of high authority
followed by October’s wrath
a looming beast that withheld his blast

and I shiver to remember her grace
her unassuming face
her lingering presence at my doorstep
felt only by the residuals of my poor verses

dear gleaming September,
remember me.
and find it in your heart to decipher my screen
that hides the unfettered stream of our two means
which fit so perfectly at their uneven seams
and the fleeing sense of my reality that you turned into dreams.

Copyright 2015 Golden Star Poetry