Daily Archives: September 4, 2015

La Mer de Triumphal (The Triumphal Sea)


sun born
you were the trepidations on light notes
holy breath-instinct, like bones
illumined by the lavender sea foam
but in the darkness,
you were my strange flower girl.

hush hidden, we made shifts together
flying around in a sailboat,
oblivious to the wind.
you threw me a raincoat
just as it started to drizzle pin drops

how i admired you
at a distance
at a far away spot,
protected by every sacred
inch between us.

sun born
tingling and warm,
I was dreaming about
one day becoming a sailor
being swept up by a great storm.

there we stood,
powerful as my own identity
to love but not quite as similarly
as I did before, with nary a touch

then I noticed your mild tendencies
the soft, unnoticed words
only deep sea green echoes of my own
and how my every string of my raincoat
tugged against yours, tugged at my throat
and no sound could be heard
for I was stuck in that boat

so I started to float
rising up, up, like a silver balloon
up to the edge of the tide wrapped moon

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