Daily Archives: November 15, 2015

You’ve Got the Wrong Ideas, Probably


I have made you up in my mind
a rosier version of you:
less serious.
more open, less business.

I don’t know why
it makes me scared.
i don’t think i should
keep on talking this way
and if any of this is

I have made you up in my mind
to hide with
to run with
i daydream about you like a miracle
it will never happen.
that is why it is a daydream.

your name and hair aren’t too
perhaps it is the
and your gate is so decided
and the way you move around
so calm and cool
how could i resist,

and though i may compare it to
all i used to know on the subject
this is something new
why is it something to prove?
maybe it is not correct
i doubt it and i hate it
maybe all the poetry is
yeah, it’s wrong, is it?
(you tell me.
you hold me)
well I’d probably hate it in

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