Daily Archives: December 16, 2015

Like the Sheep, Like the Dog, or, About an Old Friend


Last month
I entered the old memory state
that cloyed at a mothball taste,

the aftertaste was suger
melted butter on my breast,
and you were always the best.

breaking hands and limbs
going out on whims
making up smiles and glances

I always specualted
as you nearly gesticulated
mouthed the words
to someone else’s dirge

I said how impressive
I started submissive
like the sheep, like the dog

Order for a small hold
In the cellar, the door
the unhinged mouthing

of someone else’s words
how impressive,
how I heard
your voice.

Last month
I thought I could only be safe
in the presence of your odd gait

the soft and cold but grey
holding of a million words
and all you had to say was

How impressive
I heard lilts in your voice
and thought we were nearly finished
but as a boy
How impressive you were.

Copyright 2015 Golden Star Poetry