Daily Archives: December 23, 2015

Suit Smile


i ride the car around
but someone will pull us over
we will see the man in his suit.

he has a lot of money.
he has a big stack
and a big stick too,
the threat of big words.

but i am not scared.
i like these types of people.
they are the ones i dream about.

the next morning i pretend to be sick
so i call in with the flu
but they will not pay me sick leave.
they are making a mistake.

i am thinking about
getting pulled over
by the man in the suit.

he is on my neck
in my mind,
the man,
my fiance and i,
we are at the park
we eat lunch from a paper bag.
but i don’t love him.
i love the man in his suit.

i want to get another speeding ticket
so i can see him again.
but he said it wasn’t speeding,
(very politely)
he said i was

i smiled.
the man in the suit smiled.
i caught him in his car
just in time
just in time to see him
turn his glance away.

Copyright 2015 Golden Star Poetry