Daily Archives: January 15, 2016

Listening to Pop Rock After *******


what a load,
watch me go
watch me go
I’m ‘a siting on this tree
k i s s i n g
and we played hop
by those ponds
and the neighbors said
that girl
she knowd about the birds and bees
she’s all mine and she’s in
deeeeep trouble.

standing by the fence
lean for hours
you know I’m walking by
you know my eyes are on you, baby
you know my eyes are on you.

you twirl around devil things in your
two fingers,
spite the reasons to get lost
spite the reasons no one should be round
after dark.

when along come miss jane
and she’s just clean come out of school
my mary jane, swinging
if she can’t help it
and oh, she can’t but help for
wantin’ you!

I see you,
and it’s the┬ámeanin’ of graceless,
but graceless become such an art
that you, baby, you flow so good
and I’m such a fool
for you, I’m such a fool
go, baby, go go go
go, baby, go go go

Copyright 2016 Golden Star Poetry