Daily Archives: January 19, 2016

On Becoming What you Seek


i’ve been told that if i’m
seen with you a few minutes or more
i’ll be on a downward spiral
my arms up in a war

so i’ve blocked out the feeling
like tape on a leaky drain
because the apartment gets to flooding and i
can’t swim in the rain

one time i let you in, you were watching me run
sharing the knowlege of our time-sensitive fun

i frantically ran while you smiled,
you were winning
and in watching me struggle,
you just kept on grinning

“you’ve got to go pick up that plate!
missed that glass!
you know the time’s ticking!
ooh girl, move that ass!”

your movements, love, they’re in me,
jerked, but just so.
how you’d speak, i felt¬†close,
and i knew where to go.

i remembered how your effortless
muscles were moved
and the way your eyes darted around
on a groove.

i felt how the smile worked
and how to be amused
how the lips worked their touch
and the words came pre-used.

i’d shake her hand and
smile in her eye
and say “my friend’s been talking quite a lot about you”
and then i

felt it almost in my gait
and my chest would pound
though my face was straight

and i knew that i
was becoming you
what a silent change
too good to be true.

Copyright 2016 Golden Star Poetry