you become aware
that breath in itself is hypnotic;
anyone can bring you in.

if that’s true,
i shouldn’t cling to your voice
like a charm,
but i do.

it is the same as dreaming.
one moment you are awake
and the next moment you are awake again
but something is missing.

i missed out on nothing
with you,
just the absence of light and
shadow in the absorption of my thoughts.
one mass hallucinogen,
training my thoughts to revolve around you
in a faithful moon orbit.
i saw into the stars for you.

you become aware
that speaking is hypnotic;
tongue tracing the back of the mouth
lazy relaxing
the unfurling of your O’s and the drawing out of your
A’s, i was impassioned by the sound
in any whether.
but to say you’re all i have is a
i have the stars behind me;
they can see everything.

Copyright 2016 Golden Star Poetry 


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