Almost Gone (A Long Way From Home)


(pastoral scenes from this
farmer’s farm on the
stretch of grass that is really cultivated
date palm:

i rise to greet the morning again
and there is a smile on my lips
i do not know if the sun is rising
so i rest your faith in this:
my arms are trembling, forswear
because of mother’s love
the kind you leave posessions all
and cradle in the dust,
i shun your words that made me small
i damn your muddy shores,
i huddle in a seagull’s nest
and pray i don’t loose more.
where there’s a rook there’s a cragg and
somewhere nestled deep,
i will help you up atop the cliffs
if it means you’ll kiss my cheek–

or if not for me,
do it for my growing baby,
the one i have breathing on the other side of the valley)


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