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The B-10 Mystery– a short story


Just before we begin–

this is a piece of fiction that I wrote, and I know  it seems a bit out of character, considering the fact that I usually  just write poetry. However, I was very interested to write this, so I hope you all enjoy!





Nobody lives on on the fourth floor anymore-at least, not after what happened to Mrs. Winters. No, everyone stays an arms length from that thin dusty blue carpet and the doormat in front of apartment B-10 that once bore the strange and unfamiliar word “welcome.” It’s funny people even speak of it now. Most people would just label it as a “convenient superstition”.


Molly strode up The narrow staircase nonchalantly, carrying a rather large and unmarked cardboard box. She was dressed in an out of style Calvin Klein tee shirt, a taupe, knee-length overcoat and perfectly washed, but faded and slightly ripped, designer blue jeans, suggesting that she had once been wealthy but recently lost all of her money.Molly Plunked Down the Package outside of apartment B-10, smiled briefly, then ran down the staircase to the lobby and was gone.

A man at the end of the fourth floor hallway had arrived there accidentally, just as the old building elevator, which often malfunctioned, carried him one floor above his desired destination. He observed Molly walking along the fourth floor with purpose, carrying the box, and suspected her of doing something she ought not to do.
The next morning, the man tiptoed up to the apartment B-10 and realized that the box, and whatever lay inside it, was gone. The man shuddered. He dragged his feet back to his residence, then sauntered through the door, unlocked his desk drawer, picked up a shiny revolver and shot himself. If anyone were to have asked him who took the box before he went back to his apartment, he would never have disclosed what he knew: people have a way of constructing detailed and vivid stories on their own, and have such wild imaginations that it would spoil the fun of explaining it.



A small portion of a conversation between a Ms. Hewitt and a  Mrs. Cooke, at seven thirty eastern standard time, Monday, June seventeenth, 1996.

Ms. Hewitt: You know he had a bad day, Maggie! It was bound to be a rash decision!

Mrs. Cooke: No, not the way I saw it. He was pacing around the kitchen table giving me that look. I got so freaking scared,  I–

H: Well don’t you dare blame me, I was the one to get nearly 50 letters from the man,while you sat there at home doing nothing to stop him.

C: Don’t exaggerate.

H: What?

C: I said don’t exaggerate. It’s called a Hyperbole.

H: Yes, we all know you went to grad school, Margaret.

C: He only sent you five letters.

H: More like 20.

C: The point is, I know he hid it from us.

H: So… he had it brought back for…safekeeping?

C: Bingo!

(there is a long pause. Ms. Hewitt breathes heavily)

H: Let me get this straight. Are you telling me that Bas***d had the balls to do PLAN G?!?! Of all the–

C: Nobody has to know!

H: Oh, but they will know, they will Maggie, the second it gets there someone’s gonna go bananas. And if it gets out, It’s gonna be–wait, who did he hire?!

C: Molly

H: Ah Shit! you’ve got to be kidding me!

C: I can always have her let go–

H: No, No! It’s all ruined! she knows too many people…

C: We have it under control.

H: That’s highly doubtful.

C: Beth, we have it under control, okay? I love you but–

H: Yeah, love you too.

C:  What I mean is,  sometimes things don’t  turn out how you want them to. And, I know it’s never getting any better for us, but–

H: You want me to order flowers?

(Long pause)

C: You’d do that for me?

H: Of course.

C: Thank you darling.

H: Not a problem. Call me if anything else goes wrong in the next 24 hours, which I’m sure it will.

C: That I will do.

H: well, so long for now.

C: so long.

Copyright 2014 Golden Star Poetry







June, 17, and Walter, 18. are outside the school campus after the last day of high school. It’s a sunny day, but It’s going to become overcast soon. June is always trying to avoid sticky situations and tends to steer to the sidelines. She’s been through so much in life that she doesn’t like to put herself into bad situations. Walter is a bit of a loner but has an outgoing, philosophical mind that is always moving and imagining. Walter And june have been friends for nearly five years.


June: Hey walter.

Walter: (to himself) You saw me at the corner of the street yesterday, I saw you. I was there and you looked at me.

June: What the hell are you talking about?

Walter: (under his breath, still talking to himself) It just seemed so odd, I mean you always go on about Jeremy so it seemed like…it could happen to me, but it did. I saw you there. It was one of those looks….you never forget.

June: Hey, Walt. Walt. Walter!

Walter snaps out of his daze

Walter: oh hey.

June: Walter?

Walter : yeah?

June: What was that?

Walter: huh?

June: What was that just now? What did you mean?

Walter: Oh my god June, it’s you.

June: I know it is.

Walter: Don’t you remember yesterday? when I nearly bumped into you at the bus stop? you were there, you were so…vacant. But then I saw you and you were just filled…

June: I was alone.

Walter: Uh -huh

they come closer in to each other.

June: I was tired, you know? the day goes on, you need to rest, I don’t know-

Walter: But the way you looked at me then. You were telling me something.

June: Was I?

Walter: Yeah, you were.

June: (now realizing, starting to tear up) I guess you’re right.

Walter: And if I think I’m right, you were going to say…..

June: (sarcastically, through tears) ‘Does this bus stop at Bakersfield?’ (pause) .
Have a nice day Walter. (June exits)

Walter: Don’t forget me, June.

Copyright 2014 Golden Star Poetry