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It’s been many a year


it’s been a while since I posted anything.
mostly, I’ve been getting involved with university and writing and i’ve become wary of publishing things online.
i don’t know what i’m doing right now.
i know i want to be a poet, and a musician
and i want to make music,
and i have.
i guess i just really wish i could find love too.
and also maybe do a lot of gigs.
i know that if i perform more i’ll feel a heck of a lot better
and socializing!!!! i really love people. and kissing too.
that’s fun.
part of me wants to drop everything and turn gutter punk!!! but i don’t have the courage to do that…
i’ve befriended many gutter punks though. and i’ve grown to really like the punk stuff, and also metal stuff…but i’m still me.
I feel like I should let people know what i’m doing, even though i’m sure you haven’t really cared since I dropped off the map.

if you want to listen to some of my new music, go to it’s just me and my electric.
i fell for a dirty punk kid and its about that, and leaving LA, and all the wierd stuff that happened to me after April in 2018.
i’m still writing in that journal of mine a lot.
i became an Anais Nin fan. And a System of a Down fan too.
those are different.
I started listening to all types of cool new music.
and i left music conservatory to study creative writing.
i feel like this is pretty personal, but it’s wierd.
i’ve had this blog since i was in middle school!!!!
how insane is that??
now i’m almost twenty. TWENTY. WHAT THE HELL???
don’t feel twenty though. people think i’m OLDAH!
anyhow, if you want to listen to my shit and maybe buy some stuff, that’d be cool.

sayonara!! for now. probably.


Stream of consciousness # 12


the fondest
like the lightening bugs you catch in your hand
this lost finger this lost hand
this little ember and this tramp
this little ember and this lost lamp
this frog and this water and this
and all of this at the same tense time
the bug on your shoulder sleeps softly and hums to the banner
the stars spangle
and the night hums
and the machine drums
the night air warms you and rouses you to an upright position
you cant sleep
i cant sleep
the coffee cant boil
the slippery soil
is to deep
i cant sleep
you cant sleep-
why take the sleeping pills?
there is the nature frond
this erstwhile pine
the grubby tree
the coffee tea
like and lake and sun and bake
creep soft and slow
lightening bug
catch me fast
light from the lightening i can finally
finally see your face.
what a while its been
i didn’t realize i missed you.

night comes:
we have to talk about the nighttime.

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry