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“Between the Lines” recap and a poem “only a feather on the beach”


I stayed up until about 10:45 last night reading the book, and finished it in about four hours because of the large print. It was a bit annoying, stylistically speaking, because it’s in that lazy format “I see the girls walk by me. they don’t speak to me, even when I say hello to them. Then, I realize that I have to get going and stand up straight”, and the story was a bit tiresome at points, but I was glad to be able to sit and read for a change. It was quite creative and amusing overall. There were parts in the story that just couldn’t have been more cliche- a friend saying they “didn’t recognize them anymore” and felt betrayed, parents thinking a child was crazy-plus the whole “romance” aspect was pretty dumb, and extremely unbelievable. At certain points in the story I kind of felt like I was reading some stupid teen’s novel where the romance and the love is all contrived and you get absolutely nothing from it, and the ending was pretty sappy, but otherwise, yes, I guess you could say it was a pretty good book. Now for today’s poem!

Only a Feather on the Beach

I mastered the way to hold a rope

from swinging on the branch.


they called it,

dangled on the edges, made dips in my pockets.

why was I so tangled,

soft, slump, thinking?

I was just me two years ago.

Unknotted as i think this,

an apple falls to the ground. I eat it.

It tastes like a mowed lawn.

Mother and I exchange looks, until

I realize it’s not her, it’s you.

we both look somewhat surprised,

the looped arch of our touching

fingertips suspended in midair.

before they do, the raven calls to me,

minding his own business at the same

time. I hear only a bird’s shouts, or something like it.

You slipped away from me, and as you left me, all there was of you were caws and calls

I held on to only a feather.

I talk about you to the tree we had always sat under

The other whispers I hear form a swooshing barrier

to nudge my head at, lovingly, as any loyal cat.

The tree would have wanted the affair: she cringes as i say your name-

“Four-long-years-of-devotion”, the tree explains:


The tree cries beside me, my rival, on

heaven’s deep green grove, crying because I was happy.

I looped a hole out of the knot and gave it to the tree

it happily ties it around it’s trunk

I saw it hum

I heard it cup it’s hands over it’s ears and smile

and the doves that had made her their home gave no reply to her,

but instead

settled on my shoulder;

her branches wrecked havoc with your Raven Wing

the tree wanted to run back to me, panting with happy exhaustion,

pointing at the town that the war had crumbled, demolished:

the plumes of smoke make frames around the skies edges,


licking my finger and testing the wind’s direction

I know that it still lies in the hands of the enemy.

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry

Book Review: Between the Lines


I just waltzed in through the school library today when I had nothing else to do, saw a title that caught my eye, and was very pleased to see that it sounded like an actual STORY (every other teen fiction novel reads like a garbled blur-I CANT PICTURE ANYTHING IN MY MIND WHEN I READ THEM and have therefore  STOPPED READING COMPLETELY!!-or-for the most part)! It is a bi-author collaboration, written by both Jodi Picoult, and her daughter, Samantha Van-Leer. I haven’t read that far it yet because I just checked it out. Apparently, one of my friends in school said she was fighting with another one of my friends over the book last week! I am really to lazy to write down a synopsis, but I’m sure all you adoring fans of mine will be willing to open up another tab and search it yourself.


I feel like I just reunited with a long-lost friend! 🙂

so yeah.

Have a great Passover (and don’t get constipated from all the matza!!).

Your happy reader,

–Golden Star Poetry

between the lines review