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Waiting And Forgetting


She forgot what she thought of
Love and decided to make a
Wrongful Wrenching
Portrait of her face
As a misplaced representation
Of a misadventured
hopeless fascination.

She forgot what she thought of
Love and decided that
The canvas looked brighter
When set to flame
In a bursting unabashed evergreen
and a face
all lit up–

She sifted the unused canvas
Through her mind and
Thought she could leave behind
A face
An arm
Or any lost
Notions of love
Confusions of love
And love—

She even made a home for it
In a ballroom
Where the steps
Make shadows of love
And the distance between the girls and their
Actual hearts
Is bigger than the
Love itself,
Where the footsteps
Like shadows
Will dance,
Parallel to themselves
Forgetting about
the girl they knew so well
Maybe an inside-out shell
Pinned down:
She still doesn’t know
What she thinks
About love,
And she won’t know,
Not then
Or now.

Copyright 2014 Golden Star Poetry

Her hands on the table


let me out!!
let me out!!!
cry the fingers.
her hands are like chickens
jostling in their pens.
and a few times over
her hands are dancing
her hands are company,
her hands are embers
her hands are the river to the river to the wave.
how madrid would like
to write essays
on her hands, and
play fiery castanets.

her hands on the lift
make a breath seem like forever.
her hands on the table
make the quiet moments
feel like symbols crashing on dry ears.

bring your hands to me-
all quiet tears:
madrid will write essays on your hands
spain will write novels on your palm
and i will sit on the road
begging for the memory of
something like a kiss
looking for a lost alm.

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry