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Goddamn you

I feel sick to my stomach when I see you

I feel sick to my stomach when you leave

you stare at the my dialating pupils

wondering which one is telling the truth

and which one lies as it speaks:

knowing your sides

is memorized rote

and the act of getting by

marres my bones.

oh, the chill

it’s chilly

on the sea of my hands

and it’s warm

on the island;

unbalanced unsurity

and a twinge of doubt–

come again,
and go back out

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry



Humanity Comes And Goes-written at age 12


Today I got my teeth drilled at the dentist and my right cheek is swollen and my mouth is still numb and it hurts 😦  coulda been woorse though-I was pretty close to getting a root canal for heaven’s sakes! Stupid teeth-brushing regiments!

and now for the poem of the day-it’s something I wrote when I was 12-completely unedited, It is exactly the same down to the line breaks.

Humanity comes and goes

The red houses over blue seashells:

running past the leaves of smoke

like gas extinguished from an unknown flame;

humanity comes and goes.

freedom over memories:

glinting to what-

but what came first?

the songs are a mesh of cruelty over


humanity comes and goes.

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry