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An Unhinged Door


so much has been changing, rearranging,
i hardly feel like myself anymore.
i live day by day,
unamazed, unfazed,
not dazed and
yet to be hazed,
jaded in ways i never knew were possible.
Of course i had pictured the days a bit harrowing,
but i can’t understand how my world view has been narrowing narrowing narrowing,
a green lawn
and a yawn
and a grey-brown-white sparrow wing,
nostalgia for the Worst City in the World in spurts and shudders,
like a spuddering car in need of an oil change.

My only sign of trust was the flirtation at the supermarket ((where am I what am i so much to do so much to prioritize)), i just want to live my life, get away from this Tie to me, this one Tie that won’t leave me alone. it would be so much easier if i was On My Own.

Copyright 2017 Golden Star Poetry


My Dad’s Lawyer’s Friend’s Daughter’s Name is Muriel


My Dad’s Lawyer’s Friend’s Daughter’s Name is Muriel

She was real fancy, even down to the way she would spread Nutella onto her toast. You know, the way they do it in the commercials. I tried it ,but I think she does it better. Anyhow, she showed up last night at our house because dad’s lawyer friend was over, -I think He’s something of a millionaire-and this girl’s his daughter. I had to ask her if she went to boarding school or something fancy like that, but she just said she went to private school. And then, after dessert, my brother Frank had the nerve to say “aw, why are y’always askin’ her questions like that? Hey, look! Trudy’s got her eye on Muriel!” . And then dad had to shut him up. I don’t know what’s gotten into him teasing me like that, saying I fancy her. Doesn’t he see all the posters I got up in my room of Carry Grant?

Anyway, one time Muriel was in the living room, and the sun was going all over the couch, and she kind of looked like this delicate little angel sitting there just quiet, just thinking, and then I asked her-but I don’t know why, maybe because she was just so pretty- “Muriel, do you have a Boyfriend?”. Then she came back to life suddenly from her thinking pose, and gave me this twisted sort of grin and said “girl’s don’t get a real beux until they graduate from high school” -as If I was supposed to know. Last year I was real sweet on my Fifth grade History teacher, Mister Daniels, but then When I told my friend Beatrice about it, she went on and on about how I was going to get arrested for that, and she got me scared stiff. Well, except for I’m not scared of carry Grant, ’cause he’s just a movie star. Last week I saw him in North by northwest, but I snuck into the theater on account of the rating system or something. But I didn’t get the ending. So then I asked Muriel If she wanted a Boyfriend anyway, and her face got sad all of a sudden. She looked real wistful for a few seconds, just looking out of the window, and then she said “I guess, but my father won’t let me have one”.

I don’t know what I felt then. I guess I felt glad that my father isn’t a millionaire.





Rosalie Beecham had been told the previous month that the job in Basin, Montana would be easy enough. It took about three weeks to convince her to go (“I have too many stupid memories from that place mom”), and even when she got there, she still had doubts. Now she was in the (sprawling two acre) front yard of her cousin Amy’s house, talking to Amy’s son, Max, who was 19. Except for the fact that Rosalie was having a few mental fits and was quite terrified to go anywhere, it was what you would call a “lazy afternoon”. “honestly,” said Max, “over the summer they EXPECT kids like you to apply for these things. It’s the way you get college credit”

“A general store? Really?’ interrupted Rosalie “okay,” said Max, “it can also be about getting money FOR college. You know what I mean, Ros. Jesus” “no, I don’t” said Rosalie, trying to be as annoyingly contrary as possible. “Well it’s not like Delilah is going to whip you every time you forget to give them the bills first” said Max “Amy says they have a bad reputation for beating the crud out of the summer employees or whatever , so don’t try to sway me” added Rosalie, who was trying to get out of the situation desperately “ My mother has a reputation for exaggerating, and you know that” said Max, raising his eyebrow. “okay, Maximilian [his real name], whatever you want” said Rosalind coolly, “we’ll go meet our end in the outer corners of nowhereville, despite the fact that you are telling me that there is nothing to be afraid of. Correct?” “I can assure you, you will be very, very safe” he said impatiently.

Then, his gaze softened. He looked at Rosalie intently, and they stayed there for about a minute, as the wind blew silently.“he’s going to kiss me” thought Rosalind “I know he’s going to kiss me agian…he’s…no it’s not because we’re cousins…but we’re third cousins……it’s not because of that, is it?” her thoughts dissolved as they came closer together. For a second she could feel him breathing ever so slightly. They were just centimeters apart, when he suddenly pulled back, his cheeks red with embarrassment. Rosalie’s thoughts were jostled, and she screamed a tiny scream, breathing out the air she realized she had been holding in. Max was searching for the right words to say, his eyes squinting, his face pained.

“Look,” he said, putting one hand on his forehead and one on his hip, swaying back and forth. “I’m..I’m going to go and…why don’t you, um…why don’t you go walk to the five and dime by yourself, huh?I’m gonna…go head back to the house and find that copy of Beowulf I lost”. She stared back at him, not believing a word. That look meant “I know you’re just a miserable coward, so don’t even go on talking”. “Fine”, she said slowly, enunciating every part of the world, so it sounded more like “faaiiiyeen”. Then she turned around and started heading in the other direction, swaying her hips proudly. As her vision started to blur and her head started to ache, she wished she had never agreed to come.

The five and dime was on a dirt road five miles away. She could have easily gotten there in less than fifteen minutes via a car, but as it was, it took nearly the rest of the day. By that time it was it early twilight, and the sweltering heat had simmered down to a low, balmy wind. The store was closed, and no one was there. She started to walk back again, upset that her day had been wasted, but still tried to conjure up an image in her head. She pictured the owner, Ms. Delilah Autry, as a tall, middle aged woman with a long, tired face. The store’s porch light would be on, and Ms. Delilah Autry would be sitting there on a rocking chair, smoking, her hands dangling lazily over the arm rests, the last of the sunset lighting up half of her face. “ I don’t even think I wanted to kiss him” said Rosalie out loud, lying to herself. 

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry

Sci-fi flash fiction “Gilita Imagines Herself “


You know how I said my cheek was swollen? Well, the dentist says he only gets  one or two cases a year when someone reacts to Novocaine like I did!! ARG! I am very irked!

Gilita Imagines Herself 

Gilita Imagines herself. She has purple skin with black and gold eyes. Her lips are the color of bricks, and she wears a smile just like the Mona Lisa’s.

“What Is Mona Lisa?” asked Pritte, her sister. “I mean, you know I like paintings, but I don’t remember that one”. Gilita jumped. “what? how not? we learned about it just yesterday! the girl with the curious smile behind the mountain scenery! Broloxxe Major told us during our lessons! Don’t you remember?” “no,” sighed Pritte, looking downcast, “I never do”. “then leave me alone. And stop tapping in! Who knows what I could be thinking of !If I  was thinking about Fonde and Gorith Majess or even Toine! You are too young to hear of such things, sister!” (the two girls had made a secret pact about it two years before, at the top of a Dandie tree by their old home in Restaltach, but Pritte was always forgetting) “yes, Gil” sighed  Pritte, who walked away. When Gilita was sure that her nosy sister had left the room completely, she continued on thinking. Her arms are graceful, like a noble swan’s, and her torso is neat and well proportioned. Her hair is three feet and jet black. “done” she said, looking back into the mirror.As she did , two green-orange eyes stared back into her like a mess of painted coals.

x x x  x  x  x  x  x x  x  x  x  x  x

The things contained in the next morning’s events were not to be desired. Firstly, It was tea for breakfast (never Earl Grey-NEVER an imported tea- always always the mud swamp herbal brew-the one Gilita absolutely DETESTED), lessons about the neighboring earth star and what-not with Broloxxe Major, another quite embarrassing “tapping-in” episode with Pritte (this time she really WAS musing about Toine), and no visits from either Elsa or Kianne, her two friends from Hitherschool. Pritte, she always liked to remember, was still in primer school, and only in her fourth year. The only thing that could cheer her up on such days was to go to the fish pond and grab earth-toads with her bare hands (and, to Gilita, the prospect of touching slimy foreign creatures seemed wholly unappetizing). What was she ever to do? The best cure was to take a casual stroll in the park, but Fahter had locked the gates, and Mahter was gone playing Bridge.

oh, what was one to do locked up in one’s own mansion on a lazy day in the Flanders star system?

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry