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Anna and the Silverbirch-dedicated to the many lost trees of Veterans Park



The city cut down the tree from my backyard
and saved the sawed bits to recycle
into money, what with the linnen so scarse, they say
with what else they can convey to me
it “died of a desiese”, they say
like the sick old man
who hangs
on the limbs of the branches
and as he hangs

when the sun’s gold reflects on his bruised cheek

I notice, and then the spirit of the tree says
it wants me to come away,and
show me an older time
the oldest it had been
as shade for two lovers
to share a kiss.
I take the rest of it’s memory
and bind it
carefully, and blistering my painted fingers,

I wrap up it’s contents

with my tears
and it’s own paper.

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry

The Sonnet Project: Sonnet # 3


This one is based on Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell!

Sonnet # 3

What comes of matters when they are not here?

Your eyes averted to the sword-ed scene

That makes their vivid presence disapear

As if, in time, your thoughts mak’d what has been

I spy a country churchbell’s ringing sound

That echoed none if empty spells were cast

Below the deck of ship a storm’s rebound

Is settled in the early morning vast.

If not for wanted ways of wizardry

We say these things belong to God’s own strength

But if we speaketh of the witchery

T’would be quite hard to lecture short in length!

(I know these things are but a mystery,

A longing ballad without history).

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry