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June, 17, and Walter, 18. are outside the school campus after the last day of high school. It’s a sunny day, but It’s going to become overcast soon. June is always trying to avoid sticky situations and tends to steer to the sidelines. She’s been through so much in life that she doesn’t like to put herself into bad situations. Walter is a bit of a loner but has an outgoing, philosophical mind that is always moving and imagining. Walter And june have been friends for nearly five years.


June: Hey walter.

Walter: (to himself) You saw me at the corner of the street yesterday, I saw you. I was there and you looked at me.

June: What the hell are you talking about?

Walter: (under his breath, still talking to himself) It just seemed so odd, I mean you always go on about Jeremy so it seemed like…it couldĀ happen to me, but it did. I saw you there. It was one of those looks….you never forget.

June: Hey, Walt. Walt. Walter!

Walter snaps out of his daze

Walter: oh hey.

June: Walter?

Walter : yeah?

June: What was that?

Walter: huh?

June: What was that just now? What did you mean?

Walter: Oh my god June, it’s you.

June: I know it is.

Walter: Don’t you remember yesterday? when I nearly bumped into you at the bus stop? you were there, you were so…vacant. But then I saw you and you were just filled…

June: I was alone.

Walter: Uh -huh

they come closer in to each other.

June: I was tired, you know? the day goes on, you need to rest, I don’t know-

Walter: But the way you looked at me then. You were telling me something.

June: Was I?

Walter: Yeah, you were.

June: (now realizing, starting to tear up) I guess you’re right.

Walter: And if I think I’m right, you were going to say…..

June: (sarcastically, through tears) ‘Does this bus stop at Bakersfield?’ (pause) .
Have a nice day Walter. (June exits)

Walter: Don’t forget me, June.

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