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What I Learned in School


phideus, ictinus, and calicrates built the parthanon:
this is what I remember from my art history class

james and the giant peach was written by an antisemitic man
says my school mate, when i am in the seventh grade
who isn’t
i reply jokingly
(because I am a jew)

there is no limit to who you can befriend at my current school
there are three thousand bodies at my school
there are three janitors at my school
there are no bullies at my school
or so I think, I have not seen a person getting beaten up

there are many forms of attraction
initial crushes that turn to waste
dire obsessions that turn to fixation-like drugs
and passive love affairs that last mere minutes,
days, weeks, or months
and you can always tell which it is going to be.

I am sitting in the school bench
drinking the school certified milk my friend handed me
just wondering how nice it is
that i can breathe in and out about it
the way you made me laugh and stutter and I
didn’t even make a scene

and I learned in school that the
narrow path to veer from friendship leads to
finding yourself lost in a crowd of nameless faces,
that the way anne survived the house of tudor was by
fighting her way thru the blood and the king,
who didn’t quite want her alive
after a time.

Copyright 2015 Golden Star Poetry