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I can’t remember the words…well, now it’s just a jumble


you can talk to me as if I was your mother blasting around the room with a big hose saying
you can get out of here but I’m still your mother and you still have to listen to me no matter what. When you look at the stars and realize that no one going to hurt you and your problem isn’t there and the leaves are not gray, they’re green
and green houses are painted orange actually
and you want to go on the edge of the mountain
Yummy look at those gummy worms I want to eat each everyone of them now I’m going to pick them up and act like I am five
you want to be 86 why do you want to be five? I want to be five because I have Always wanted to be five and now look at me I’m five and I can eat more than you do because you don’t have teeth you have gums.

light finder, come to the water,
make me your man
and play the tin can
and drum the pan pan
and sing the unsang
and ring all that’s rang
and I’l be the yin to your yang:
just don’t do all that godforsaken mumble
or the odd unprecedented jumble
don’t expect all the light
we expect you to humble