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the Girl on the Water/ הילדה על המיים


.אני הילדה של המיים
.את מין הסתו הארןך
אוליי ביחד
,יש לנו סיפור אכר
.ספור של מלח ועלים
תזבי אותי
!הים שלי
אני כמו אבן
כי אני אקשנית
.ורצה לוהיות על האדמ

I am the girl from the water.
you are the girl from the long autumn.
Perhaps together,
we have another story-
a story of salt and leaves.
leave me be,
my water!
I am like a rock,
I am stubborn,
and I want to be on the earth.

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry



Shine On Award Nominations



I have now (FINALLY!) chosen who I would pick for the shine on award, in random order: (ps. I cant work the links- I may have them written wrong, super sorry to all those who I nominated!)

http//:shirolamot.wordpress.com– a profound thinker with witty and insightful visions of the modern age, also a brilliant poet and photographer.

http//:360tree.wordpress.com– a photographer who’s unique, painterly style is accompanied by beautiful, imagery-related words that expand the reader’s understanding of the work.

http//:findingthepeaceinsideme.wordpress.com– a sixteen year old christian girl whose writings about her daily life and spirituality truly uplift and inspire!

http//:thenatureview.wordpress.com-a blog dedicated to showcasing the wonders of the natural world, through vivid descriptions of weather and stunning photographs.

http//:nightanddaypoetry.wordpress.com-a poetess whose profoundly distinct writing makes you stop, stare, and say “wow”.

http//sashabrown.net -an author that digs deep into a sea of words, and emerges carrying complex philosophy, moving poetry, and gleaming buckets of metaphorical gold.

http://thunderandtea.wordpress.com– An author who’s page-turning, in-depth storytelling proves to be one of the best.

http//:serialoutlet.wordpress.com– another great wordpress author-you should definately read this stuff!