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Update, Real apology, and a Poem


I just got my official Scholastic award diplomas this week!!!! it was amazing 🙂

Apology for not posting…

here is the poem: it is one that I submitted to the awards, which unfortunately was not awarded anything….oh god….I can’t go into all that all over agian….the pain….the searing pain of loss and realization and heavy disappointment all at once!

sorry for the over dramatic touch, I guess I’ve had a silly day.

OH! my story!

today I walked out of school to take the public bus home, when, to my surprise, I saw that the street had been newly paved. “Golly!” I thought excitedly “now It won’t feel like I’m stuck on some unfinished road in Nebraska when we come to school in the morning!”.

In an attempt at sarcasm, I got to the end of the street, rolling my wheeled backpack to and fro over the cement and said, dumbfounded “IT’S A ROAD!” as if to say ” ITS AN ACTUAL ROAD NOW, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? BEFORE, IT WAS JUST POTHOLES!” . But of course, silly me, I didn’t say that. I soon realized how  loony I sounded. To make it worse  a lady who was passing by gave me the strangest look as she went past me and it was hard not to have  a laugh attack after she left!

and here is the poem, seriously this time:


at the television we sit

a bayou watch

towers above heaven like a storm cloud

juxtaposing the atmosphere of earth with the falling rain

the sunrays sighing

and a dripping drain

the bayou watch

sitting, quietly, sucking his thumbs

crying for attention

he hogs up your electricity bill

and you throw him out.

nervously you are sucking your own thumbs

unaware of your deprivation.

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry


so: a quick note on how i have been feeling lately-

After a long long process of sifting through poetry, typing it up, looking at the thousand and one directions of what and what not to do in this actually very easy process, mailing it out, and then WAITING AND WAITING FOR A MONTH AND A HALF BEFORE FINDING OUT THAT I HAVE WON ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ON THE SCHOLASTIC ART AND WRITING AWARDS, FOR WHICH I AM NOW SUFFERING SERIOUS WITHDRAWAL!!!

Do you know how painful this feels? It’s not like my life has been dedicated to writing for this, but it still feels like someone has just given me the biggest slap in the face and said “KARMA!” a thousand billion times.

The entire waiting period, I was CROSSING OFF DAYS FROM MY CALENDAR FOR A MONTH AND A HALF, FOR PETE’S SAKE!!!!!!!!!! I genuinely believed that I was going to win the regional gold medal for poetry in the 8th grade division, and now my nicely planned dream school year is not going to end up being so dreamy! I was checking the work of past winners from the awards, thinking that my work was just as good, if not BETTER! oh, what on earth was I thinking?….

yeah………my cocky attitude has completely failed on me. I just wanted the universe of blog to see my feelings vented out like a senile old man who doesn’t know what day of the week it is (hopefully that is not  the actual impression you got..)

Thank you for reading this entire boring blog.

your welcome

–Golden Star Poetry

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