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What I Learned in School


phideus, ictinus, and calicrates built the parthanon:
this is what I remember from my art history class

james and the giant peach was written by an antisemitic man
says my school mate, when i am in the seventh grade
who isn’t
i reply jokingly
(because I am a jew)

there is no limit to who you can befriend at my current school
there are three thousand bodies at my school
there are three janitors at my school
there are no bullies at my school
or so I think, I have not seen a person getting beaten up

there are many forms of attraction
initial crushes that turn to waste
dire obsessions that turn to fixation-like drugs
and passive love affairs that last mere minutes,
days, weeks, or months
and you can always tell which it is going to be.

I am sitting in the school bench
drinking the school certified milk my friend handed me
just wondering how nice it is
that i can breathe in and out about it
the way you made me laugh and stutter and I
didn’t even make a scene

and I learned in school that the
narrow path to veer from friendship leads to
finding yourself lost in a crowd of nameless faces,
that the way anne survived the house of tudor was by
fighting her way thru the blood and the king,
who didn’t quite want her alive
after a time.

Copyright 2015 Golden Star Poetry


The Wrong Kind of Habitual


Theres nothing much telling
about patterns of
delirious obsession
but you know it hits
when the nearest blank slate
strikes a chord with the observer
like chalk
sticking to the hand
clinging on for dear life
and when gasping for air
at the slightest muffle,
or a burst in the tile,
shattering slate
erasing and regressing
making an impression of the empty room
and with hands of ghosts, whispering
“you’ll never get there, just watch”
he was a mirror
on a mirror
standing against an impossible fortress
it was an unimpressive day
for the unimpressive life
and his little hands shook
and why was he so
if I wasn’t
that much smaller
if the dusty air
craves company
on the everywhere (because)
most people have reserves about life,
but I was too self-centered to care
and the clouds of talc
and Burning wood
meld on mealymouthed utterances (Lord!)
swept me under the rug.
I was so tightly bound (my feet)
never quite touching the ground
feeling my way through the fear
holding a box
of chalk.

Copyright 2014 Golden Star Poetry

Monolouge-Bad Influence


I felt like writing a monologue today. Don’t ask me why.


You wanna hear about it? Ok. So basically we had this big barn in the backyard when we were little and Emma would always pretend to be a chicken in there. And she would flap her arms out like an idiot and say things that chickens might say if they had brain cells. But she would scream. When we went into kindergarten it was the same torture all over again, only she wouldn’t let me speak. It was her game, she said. Eventually she just didn’t want us to be friends.  It was weird, you know, cause most of us would play in our little groups, and we didn’t, so it kind of made me feel special. But then she turned out to be some brat from the valley who had no clue on how to get by in school. She was like that all through Junior High even, I remember her getting three D’s and she didn’t even know it was a bad thing. She ended up going to Juvie or something. Wait, no, Sarah told me about that. Sorry,  that was a rumor. Anyway, I guess I’ve been used like that most of my life. And I never get any wiser after,  And then came the whole problem of relationships, which, on the whole, do make me want to gag. But Paul was different at first, you know? He loved me so much it was almost Ethereal. Well, that’s what Amy and Daisy and Leah all said about him. So that’s that one. And the rest of my girlfriends have all gone to become waitresses at some dump restaurant at I don’t even know where, and they’re just making minimum wage on the side so that they can even afford college. It’s sad, you know? My friends. I was the only one who ended up with a A in any of the classes they failed last year. No, actually, It’s pathetic. I can’t make friends with one  good person, and it’s really itching me to know why. Can you get the hell out of here?

“Agnus Angst”


As the new years begin
Im a lost little stranger
running vainly from danger
that’s crowding me in.

so its all the same me
only just slightly older
and just slightly bolder
and slightly fourteen.

what is it that they like?
that they always look
what’s this thing they talk of?
of the girl that’s next door?
can’t see? you shut them up!
I’m not her, she’s a bore!

(come on, the day is just so clear, Octavius
just look around Octavius
don’t dumb and smile Octavius
be mature:
Im fourteen with spunk,
but at least I can be demure)

I can’t pick out my friends
and instead of just you
you might give me the flu
give me something to do!
(yes, multitask!
you don’t have to ask!
be an octopus!
get the doctor, wuss! )
okay, but you’re the one whose crazy, dude.

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry

the Newness of Experience


there were these gargoyles on the side of the avenue

butting thier heads at the start of each conversation

I’m part of this new nation, see

we like each other for being one another

and not somebody in the crowd

Daniels here, he has a 401k retirement and doesn’t give a damn about the present

he’s only 14.

Lilah is 25 but she smokes on the weekends

and Laurie likes to write.

The summer went fast enough

and the grass on the farms just keeps on growing

and the time keeps on slowing

and the car keeps on going

and the love all keeps showing

why, I think I was at the curb yesterday

Wishing you wouldn’t come around.

but when you did,

I just had to ask you and the rest of the town

“What am I supposed to say about you?

(or about most of us)

what do I say

about the way a head is held proudly,

supposed to be happy.

Why am i always filled with the boasts

the unusual cowards

the ones that are a mix of fascination

and repulsion?

can you tell me

what emotion am i expected to feel?

What the hell do you expect me to feel?!”

Copyright 2013 Golden Star Poetry


School update!!!!


As many of you do not know, my Freshman High School days lurk ever closer from the depths of my summer cocoon.

Therefore, I will  be faced with numerous challenges (a.k.a a large workload!) VERY SOON.

THIS MEANS INFREQUENT POSTING! (wait, I’ve already started to do that…hmmm…)

BUT!! fear not, good gentlefolk!!!!

I am planning to change my posting schedule to once a week instead of once a day!

on some occasions I may only post once every two. (*GASP*)

On those occasions I will give you all proper notice in advance, so do not fear!

Alrighty, then-

peace out, friends!

–Golden Star Poetry