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Substitute Jewel


i have finally
mastered the art
of descovering
buried treasure.

when i was young
i was told not to go out
so i found myself in pieces
measure by measure

don’t ask me how
but it takes
a lot
of skill,
and now im mining in my own backyard
conjuring rubies at will.
my mother tells me its a joy
to find jewels when you don’t have any

but most people think its strange
all the boys in town talk me around
when im dressing down
parading this town.
the boys in town will talk of trade
and the mess i made
in the garden
shoveling dirt
at velocity of speed
never ceasing
always digging away
at the rotting
i gave in to :that’s what i was meant for as no answer you agreed
you almost agreed
but you kept taking back your words
so i keep on mining
until the day is through
and im no longer me
you, no longer you
just the faint aftertaste
of the summer dune
lolling on the tongues
of the late


rain is
washing away
and finally
I see it’s strange
and i look at myself back when i was 16
and think i was dreaming
and you look at me
I see it was strange
but its better
not scouring earth
to find the substitute
for your time.

Copyright 2014 Golden Star Poetry




maybe I’m only a small stone in your hand
that you hold
while you walk
through the rustle of trees and the streets in the summer
pick me up
put me down
that’s what I”m for.

Im for throwing ‘cross smooth lakes and during storms
cause thats the times you can’t hear your own self screaming
Im for tossing down balcony windows
cause thats the times you can tell yourself you’re only dreaming
she’s waiting by the door
that lonely woman
you can tell she’s been waiting
so long.

You left me,
on an asphalt road.

how do you expect me
to get myself home?

Copyright 2014 Golden Star Poetry